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Crimson Dreams

Stellor Heat



Crimson Dreams

Publisher: Ellora's Cave
Format: eBook/Kindle
Length: Novella

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Jonas’ life was perfect with his love, Mara. Then a rogue vampire tore out his throat and he was turned into one of the hated undead. He can’t reveal the truth to Mara, so he allows her to believe him dead, with a caveat—he uses his bond with her to give her hot, sexy dreams each night.

Mara lives a half-life as she struggles to get over her boyfriend’s death, waiting for him to rock her in her dreams. At first a passionate comfort, the ghostly visits now leave her feeling more alone than ever. Until she swears she sees her dead lover on the street and vows to move on.

Jonas realizes too late he’s brought danger to her door. As he races to eliminate the threat, he soon learns the vampire chasing Mara is the least of his worries. Forced together again, he and Mara fight to defeat the true menace.




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