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Crimson Dreams

Stellor Heat



Stellar Heatd

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Publisher: The Wild Rose Press
Genre: Futuristic Erotic Romance
Format: eBook/Kindle
Length: Novella

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Jak of House Midori, has found his heart mate, that one person he can connect with on a soul level. Only problem is, as a twin from the planet Zaphron, Jak must share his mate with his brother. But Qwin wants to wait until they are more established in their careers as Star Flight officers.

Petty Officer, Lily Buchanan has whiplash from trying to figure out Jak’s intentions. At the pub he’s charming and flirtatious, but his aloof attitude on campus leaves her confused–and burning up with sexual energy.

When the three are assigned to repair a satellite in the Helix Galaxy, they are attacked by enemy star fighters. Seriously outgunned and their craft crippled, the three are stranded alone on an uncharted planet. Will Qwin agree to ease the mating fever consuming Lily, or will Jak be forced to initiate the mate-claim and exclude his brother from their union


As Lily approached, she eyed Jak on deck in front of the ship, waiting. He must have gotten his hair cut. His midnight hair was now regulation short instead of slightly shaggy as it had been yesterday. Short or longer, his hair set off his masculine beauty. The dimple in his cheek, absent now but always prevalent when he flirted with her, softened the edge his square jaw gave him. He looked more approachable before than he did now.

His eyes matched the color of the Earthen sky, before the nuclear implosion that destroyed the atmosphere. Though she was Earthen, she’d never been there but had seen history vids in her Cultural Earthen Anthropology classes.

Jak’s height, as well as his broad shoulders and thick arms, could intimidate most people, but she knew deep inside, somehow, he would never hurt her. Even on his bad days.

Oh, well, time to get this party started. “Hey, Jak. Is the pilot here yet?” Lily dropped her duffel on the ground as she looked up at him.

Jak glared down at her. “Is that how you address a senior officer, Petty Officer?”

Looked like Jak was having a bad day. Great. For her, too.

Lily snapped into a quick salute. “Petty Officer Buchanan reporting for duty, sir.”

After he acknowledged her salute, she stepped back and cast a wary eye at her senior officer. Ass.

Before he could reply, Lily felt a presence behind her. Heat radiated through her limbs and gathered in her belly as a voice whispered in her ear. “Glad you could make it, Flower.”

Lily whirled around to see…Jak? Her attention ping-ponged from one Jak to the other. There were two?

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